What are jewellery collectors buying for their collection?

Well soon this blog will help you find out about the collections of the famous and not so famous beginning with our collection of contemporary jewellery. This has been built up since the late 1970s and now features some of the World’s leading designers.
However we will have to wait until all the images are gathered together.
In the meantime we shall be asking some of our best clients to come up with their favourite pieces images and all.
Added to that we shall be including a newsy blog about what is happening with Dazzle exhibitions www.dazzle-exhibitions.co.uk and with the new online website www.lovedazzle.com.

Also some – maybe boring – chat about what we are doing, where we have been and usually what we are eating!  We are not totally exiled to our home – exciting visits to private views at the House of Lords and Fortnums and Masons, are not all that rare and coming up is a PV at the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road, which always offers the best canapes and champagne.   And lots of very interesting people to look at usually wearing great modern jewellery – and often expensive.   All trying to out-do each other.  I shall be an unusual visitor, a non-gay man wearing a brooch.   Apparently – I was told by a top journalist recently – this is a very rare thing!

We have just returned from one of our exhibitions – this one was in Glasgow, Scotland.  An annual event held at Merchant Square.   Some really exciting pieces sold from what was an interesting show, we think. 

This blog should allow us to illustrate some of the more interesting exhibits in the future, though many of them can be found on our two websites.

Our German wire-haired pointer, Eric, or smelly Eric as he is better known, will also inevitably get a look in and no doubt I will be waxing lyrical about oast houses, bluebells and all sorts of Kentish delicacies including, most importantly, cream teas with meringues.

All will be revealed………………

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