Presents from Loot

Back in the seventies and eighties, Goldsmith’s Hall organised a very large exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery called Loot. It was a juried exhibition and pieces were for sale, although not directly. They had to be ordered and despatched by the designers. One year, I’m not certain exactly when but it must have been very early eighties, my partner Tony was asked to be a judge. It was great fun and as a surprise for me , he ordered a few pieces. I have searched high and low for the Titanium fairy earrings and stick pin and the Bo Davies parachute earrings, but no luck! I did however find Bo’s hang glider earrings. They are silver with , what looks like enamel paint. Bo went on to be a very successful Dazzle regular in the early years and is still working away at Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank. Her work now is a lot more precious than my little hang gliders.

Hang Glider earrings by Bo Davies

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