Greek Tragedy – The Return from the Holiday

I really did mean to update the blog while I was on holiday. I thought a glass of wine, a few olives and the netbook! Greece had other ideas and in a few days I was seduced into lethargy by the sun, the sea and the wonderful blue sky. The netbook remained in a dark cupboard where it belonged.

I did see some really interesting jewellery, particularly on Sifnos, which is very sophisticated and visited mainly by Italians and French. There was a wide variety of styles, from very expensive gold to fun pieces made from natural objects and various charms. Unfortunately, despite taking over 200 photos, I didn’t photograph any jewellery. Too much of a busman’s holiday.

Dovecot, Siphnos.

There were a few favourite images to share.

These dovecots are seen all over Siphnos but I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the ceramic birds on top of the dovecot.

Very Designer!

Pictured in Apollnia, Siphnos. I wondered if the scooter was bought to match the door or visa versa.

amphitheatre, Milos

On Milos, near Tripiti, we tracked down this amazing seven row amphitheatre. It was quite difficult to find as there was little signage and it did involve a scramble down the hillside. We got there in the evening, just before sunset and we had the site to ourselves. It was magical, with dramatic views over the deep blue sea. I wonder how the ancient Greeks ever concentrated on the onstage drama with such dramatic views.

View from room, Folegandros

On Folegandros we found one of the most dramatic views we have ever experienced from our room. The hotel was built into the cliff face many miles above the sea. It was not a room for a vertigo sufferer. The Chora in Folegandros is very atmospheric, with many alleyways to explore and amazing views round every corner. It was an unusual place to watch England’s second game in the World Cup.

Now we are home and the weather is even hotter than Greece, without the benefit of the sea or a pool. We must now prepare for our long visit to the Edinburgh Festival in August. We have quite a few friends  performing this year, so watch this space for some insider info.

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