Glorious Cornwall

We have just recently returned from a long week-end in Fowey, Cornwall to celebrate my birthday and we had a splendid time from start to finish. The weather was glorious and we were even able to eat lunch outside in October! We sampled an abundance of fish and seafood and surprisingly no cream teas. It was also a chance to visit some new National Trust properties and Trerice and Antony were really interesting small properties. We also revisited the gardens at Trellisick after a trip on the King Harry Ferry. Cornwall has so much to offer and we even got in a long distance coastal walk, which was very testing but made worthwhile by the glorious views and the  pint of cider at the end.

Now we are back at base we are well into preparations for the Dazzle Exhibitions in London and Manchester. Next week the work will start to come in for our National Theatre show  which opens on 8th November. This is a very exciting time as we are never sure what the designers will send us, particularly the recent graduates. Both of the London managers will be joining me to help with all the checking and sorting, so it will be pretty full on.

We are also very busy with our online website where a 20% discount offer for the month of October has led to a huge number of sales. Christmas shopping has started early online!

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  1. You asked for comments for your blog from the National Theatre webpages re the Dazzle Design entry. There is a poem which describes ‘Dazzle’ in a quite extraordinary way.
    Here it is:
    Sea to the West

    When the sea’s to the west
    The evenings are one dazzle –
    You can find no sign of water.
    Sun upflows the horizon;
    Waves of shine
    Heave, crest, fracture,
    Explode on the shore;
    The wide day burns
    In the incandescent mantle of the air.

    Once, fifteen,
    I would lean on handlebars,
    Staring into the flare,
    Blinded by looking,
    Letting the guttering and skyes of light
    Flood into my skull.

    Then, on the stroke of bedtime,
    I’d turn to the town,
    Cycle past purpling dykes
    To a brown drizzle
    Where black-scum shadows
    Stagnated between backyard walls.
    I pulled the warm dark over my head
    Like an eiderdown.

    Yet in that final stare when I
    (Five times, perhaps, fifteen)
    Creak, protesting away –
    The sea to the west,
    The land darkening –
    Let my eyes at the last be blinded
    Not by the dark
    But by dazzle.

    Norman Nicholson
    (Taken from the collection Sea to the West – 1981)

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