Welsh Day Out

When we were in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, setting up the Dazzle Exhibition at the Town Hall, we treated ourselves to Sunday afternoon out at Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales. It is one of our favourite places to visit and , once again, we were not disappointed. The gallery is full of really desirable and high quality craftwork by makers from all over the country. The exhibition programme is always exciting and stimulating and the space itself is amazing as it nestles down beside the Welsh hillside. There is also a good cafe, serving fresh, local produce. Needless to say we enjoyed a mouthwatering cappuccino muffin and a pot of tea. It was hard to walk away without making a purchase, but hopefully Father Christmas was paying attention.

Ruthin Craft Centre Courtyard

Both Dazzle exhibitions are now up and running at the National Theatre in London and at the Town Hall in Manchester, so we are busy flitting between the two. At the moment, with thick snow in Kent, this is proving a bit of a challenge. We can only hope that the weather will improve soon. For those of our customers who are also stuck at home, we have lovedazzle, our online selling site and this month we are offering free postage on all our orders worldwide.

Winter Wonderland

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