Dazzle is 35


tony-and-christineDazzle has been going for 35 years. The first ever Dazzle was conceived by Tony Gordon and Christine Bola in 1981 at the Royal Exchange Theatre, where Christine worked and then at the National Theatre in London and the Bede Art Gallery, Jarrow. Tony ran an art gallery in Manchester at the time. With a shared interest in the arts and Christine’s love of jewellery the first Dazzles were born.

The aim of Dazzle was to introduce the wealth of talented, innovative jewellery designers emerging from colleges at the time, to a wider audience. Over the years we have had thousands of jewellers exhibiting at Dazzle. Some that showed with us in the early days still exhibit with us now.

In the 35 years Dazzle has been going, they have managed to build up quite a collection of jewellery. So this month we delve in to Christine’s jewellery box and pick out her top 20 from the early years to the current day.

Click on the images below to find out about each piece.

You can find out more about Dazzle at www.dazzle-exhibitions.co.uk

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