Celebrating Women Designers on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s day, we thought we would introduce some of the talented women jewellers we have on Lovedazzle. In fact 59 of the 62 designers on lovedazzle are women, so let’s celebrate the creativity of these amazing women behind the jewellery. 

Kokkino - Lovedazzle jewellery

Melanie Hamlet

Melanie is the designer, jeweller and founder of Kokkino. She creates timelessly elegant pieces of jewellery that elevate your everyday, bringing colour, sparkle and joy. Vitreous enamels and gold-plating are used to add colour.

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Kokkino - Lovedazzle jewellery

Naomi James - Lovedazzle jewellery

Naomi James

Naomi has been making jewellery since she was 14 and has always designed as she works, allowing the making process to inspire the final piece. Many of her designs use leaves, plants and feathers to imprint natural textures on silver. 

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Naomi James - Lovedazzle jewellery

Lynne MacLachlan

Lynne creates colourful, sculptural jewellery and objects, thoughtfully designed and made to bring colour and joy into your life. Her pieces range from accessible everyday jewellery, collectable contemporary craft pieces to large scale interior installations.

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Joanne Thompson - Lovedazzle jewellery

Joanne Thompson

The circle is forever the starting point for each of Joanne jewellery designs. Ancient chain maille patterns are a constant inspiration; experimenting with the scale, weight, form and texture of the chains, making necklaces, bracelets and earrings which are voluminous yet light, tactile and extremely durable.

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Joanne Thompson - Lovedazzle jewellery

Misun Won - Lovedazzle

Misun Won

South Korean born jeweller Misun Won is inspired by Korean traditional wrapping cloth ‘Jogakbo’ and its scientific interpretation with fractal geometry. She mainly uses silver, Keumboo (23.5ct gold foil), Korean braided cord and precious/semi-precious stones.

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Misun Won - Lovedazzle

Sue Gregor - Lovedazzle Jewellery

Sue Gregor

Each of Sue’s pieces are handmade from 100% recycled acrylic and are made using real flowers and leaves. Sue has created her own unique process to encapsulate the flowers. She collects, drys and presses them to create the designs, meaning each piece is unique.

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Sue Gregor - Lovedazzle Jewellery

Kate Wood - Lovedazzle jewellery

Kate Wood

Self-taught jeweller Kate, makes feminine, ethereal jewellery using fine beading and chain work techniques. The subtle, harmonious shapes of Kate’s beaded designs take their cue from natural forms and textures, and incorporate her love of beautiful gemstones.

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Kate Wood - Lovedazzle jewellery

Kathie Murphy - Lovedazzle jewellery

Kathie Murphy

Kathie Murphy set up her studio 30 years ago and since then has specialised in working with polyester resin, exploring the possibilities of this material. Kathie also has two books published by A&C Black, Resin Jewellery 2001 and Design and make non-precious jewellery 2009.

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Kathie Murphy - Lovedazzle jewellery

Discover more inspiring women in our Lovedazzle Designer Directory on International Women’s Day.

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