Lynne MacLachlan – Jeweller of the month

This month we welcome Lynne MacLachlan to lovedazzle. Using the latest digital technology, Lynne's work is made from 3D printed nylon. Playing with light, space and colour; vibrant geometric forms reveal ephemeral, shimmering optical patterns, crossing the boundaries of design, art and fashion.

Jeweller of the Month: Gail Klevan

Gail creates hand-painted acrylic jewellery which refracts dense colour with metallic gold and silver undertones across smooth and sculpted surfaces.These interact with the organic curvature and geometry of the highly polished optical-quality acrylic shapes, creating shimmering, ever changing iridescence.

June Featured Jeweller of the Month: Jenny Llewellyn

Our featured maker of the month kicks off with the new member of our lovedazzle team, Jenny Llewellyn. Jenny makes colourful jewellery using silicone and precious metals. Describe your jewellery in 3 words: Fun, vibrant, tactile What Inspires you? Colour!…