Favourite Brooch

I am intending to show some of my collection of jewellery, amassed over the last thirty odd years. So far two problems have stood in my way. Firstly, I have had to search out some of the very early pieces. I never throw anything away, so they must be somewhere, but where? Secondly, I have to photograph the pieces, which means working out how to do this on the digital camera. I take good holiday photos but photographing jewellery is a whole new skill. I’m sure I can do it, so watch this space!

While I’m practising my skills I can show one of my favourite pieces, as I already have  an image. It is an oxidised silver brooch by Indra Karpaviciute. I bought it from our National Theatre Dazzle in 2008. It was her first exhibition, after graduating from Glasgow School of Art. I broke all my own rules and took it out of the display to wear for the preview. I didn’t want anyone else to beat me to it and  as it happens, she sold very well so I made the right decision.  It is  technically difficult , but its attraction for me is the subtle beauty of the piece. It never fails to attract comment.

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