Back to Work

After our wonderful holiday in the Greek Islands it has been very difficult to settle back down to work, particularly with such spectacularly hot weather. The garden has been in need of attention but it is too hot to do anything until the evenings. Fortunately the grass is not growing- just turning brown.

New Designers 2010

Last week we went up to New Designers in Islington- our annual pilgrimage to find brand new designers to exhibit throughout the year. As usual the Scottish colleges, Edinburgh and Glasgow, provided us with the most exciting and polished designers and we will be unveiling work by quite a few makers at our National Theatre exhibition in November/December.

Guess which one is ours?

Also last week , we had the happy task of visiting Manchester, to see our son receive his degree in Chinese Studies. It was a very good day  and reminded me of my own graduation in the same place thirty seven years ago. The Whitworth Hall had not changed, but unfotunately I had!

Now only a few weeks to Edinburgh Festival and we will have some hints and tips to pass on over the coming days.

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