Hot Tip for Edinburgh Festival 1

As usual, this year we have a number of friends and aquaintances performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and  we like to bring their shows to your attention. A sneak preview of some hot shows.

First tip is “Bare” written and directed by Renny Krupinski and winner of the Michael Elliot Prize in The Mobil Playwriting Competition held at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, where we first met Renny many years ago. Renny is an actor and writer and is also an International Equity Registered fight director. His fight credits range from the RSC and The Royal Exchange to many European theatres and he has been arranging fights for Coronation Street for ten years.

Bare 6th-28th Venue 39

BARE  will be performed daily at Space 3, The Spaces on the Mile at the Radisson, Venue 39 at 17.20 from 6th to 28th August.

” Set today, here and where daily existence is just a violent graze away from the dark underbelly that slithers beneath… Skinner is a man with a talent. Arden is a man to heartlessly exploit that talent and Val is caught between a rock and a hard place. In this brutal, shocking and blackly comedic drama, these violent delights have violent ends.”

Strictly for adults only. The cast so far includes: Paul Michael Giblin in the title role of Skinner, Kaitlin Howard as his wife Val, Ralph Casson as Chesney, Seb Morgan as Spikey Joe and Renny Krupinski as Arden.

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