Elsiem Jewellery – new to Lovedazzle

Elsiem jewellery is now available on Lovedazzle. Lorraine Hitt is the designer and creator of Elsiem Jewellery, whose designs are inspired by modern architectural and sculptural forms, adopting a very simple and bold style, with an edge. Stylishly combining new technology with handmade techniques.

Elsiem’s designs have been created using a 3D printing process, using a lightweight and highly durable material called Selective Laser Sintered Nylon. The print is polished, then dyed for colour application and some of these pieces are adorned with textured brass or gold filled metal elements, stylishly combining the cutting-edge technology and traditional metalwork and jewellery making skills – creating a striking contrast of matt black and gold tone jewellery.

Watch how some of Elsiem’s pieces are made in the video below:

Elsiem 3D printed jewellery

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