Corinne Julius Selects for Dazzle Invites 21/22

As part of this years Dazzle Invites we called upon industry experts, stylists and collectors to select their favourite pieces from the exhibition. Each week we will feature a new guests selection. This week we start off with journalist and Art critic Corinne Julius.

Corinne Julius Selects

Corinne is a journalist, critic and curator in the visual arts, specialising in contemporary craft. She was the curator of ‘Silver Speaks: Idea to Object’ at the V&A and ‘Bloomin Jewels’ at Contemporary Applied Arts and is the founder and curator of the annual contemporary craft show ‘Future Heritage.’ Corinne is a self-confessed jewelleryaholic.

Red in the Woods Brooch by Rachel Larkins

A striking, yet simple brooch that immediately engages the viewer, drawing them into the story. For the wearer it’s a secret that can be shared, the opportunity to start a conversation with someone new. It’s beautifully made, a miniature world with resonances of Victorian glass domes housing stuffed birds. It’s a wearable story.

Red in the Woods Brooch – £220

Red in the Woods brooch by Rachel Larkins - Dazzle Invites

Dust Print Brooch by Sarah Lindsay - Dazzle Invites Lovedazzle

Dust Print Brooch by Sarah Lindsay

A delicately coloured and patterned brooch that immediately attracts the viewer’s attention as it moves with the wearer. The fluttering appendages entice the eye and the brooch is a miniature mobile. The brooch seems fragile, but is in fact quite robust and is easy to wear and is so light that it can be worn on the most delicate of fabrics. Sarah Lindsay brings colour and pattern into her work using a technique that she has developed of heat pressing acrylic dust against linear textures to create slices of colour.

Dust Print Brooch – £395

Amaru Brooch by Emmeline Hastings

A striking, yet simple brooch that immediately engages tAn extraordinary brooch that is wearable sculpture, yet off the body is a sculptural statement. It is made of hundreds of individually drilled metallic elements secured into a carved black acrylic base. The brooch is like a small armadillo waiting to be stroked, it demands to be held and cherished. The oxidised differently shaded silver petal-like elements give a sense of movement as they catch the light at different angles. The work is unique, reflecting a process developed by the maker.

Amaru Brooch – £1,600

Amaru Brooch by Emmeline Hastings - Dazzle Invites Lovedazzle

Cristina Zani Round green and silver brooch - Dazzle Invites lovedazzle

Round Green & Silver Brooch by Cristina Zani

Cristina Zani combines wood and silver in a brooch that provides colour and pattern, but is extremely easy to wear. Because it is so light it can be worn on any fabric. During lockdown the maker developed new processes in working with wood and silver, creating new signature pieces that are identifiably by her.

Round Green & Silver Brooch – £320

Dazzle invites 30 contemporary jewellers, showing unique, one-off or limited edition designs, created specially for the exhibition. All pieces are available to purchase from 16 November 2021 – 9 January 2022.

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