Rachael Taylor selects for Lovedazzle 21/22

To give you some extra gift inspiration we’ve called on the expert eye of jewellery journalist and co-founder of The Jewellery Cut, Rachael Taylor.

Rachael Taylor is a globally renowned jewellery journalist and co-founder of The Jewellery Cut, which launched in 2018 as a platform to elevate and support contemporary jewellery in the UK. From emerging talent, names to know, new trends and the latest developments in the world of gems and jewels. Rachael has picked her top four pieces from Lovedazzle.com. 

Lynne MacLachlan midi helix earrings - Lovedazzle

Midi Helix Earrings by Lynne MacLachlan

I love the vibrancy of these Lynne MacLachlan earrings, and the way the pink and the purple just meld seamlessly into one another within the vortex swirl. These are earrings that are begging for a night out. Also, as they have been 3D printed in nylon – a method of jewellery making I find endlessly fascinating – so they are super light on the ear.

Helix Earrings – £95

Vortex Bangle by DeeLyn Walsh

I find this bangle design by DeeLyn Walsh utterly bewitching. Squeeze it in the right place and it will open up enough to allow your hand to slip through. Release, and it closes around again to create an optical illusion of many bangles orbiting your wrist. Also worth noting is that it is made from one single length of brass – so clever.

Vortex Bangle – £195

DeeLyn Walsh Vortex Bangle - Lovedazzle

Silver Whorl Ring by Hannah Bedford

I’m a big fan of Hannah Bedford’s work, and this ring captures her signature aesthetic brilliantly. The band has been designed as such to make it look as through you are wearing multiple rings that come crashing together in a wave-like crescendo of silver granulation. It is a beautiful combination of goldsmithing craft and artistry that is hard to resist.

Whorl Ring – £195

Darrow Knotted Necklace by Joanne Thompson

I recently had lunch with a friend who was wearing a variation of this Joanne Thompson necklace, and I was totally drawn to it. She has managed to take a fairly simple and evergreen jewellery motif – the interlocking hoop – and give it fresh life. I love the flurries of clustering links that break up the simple chain; it creates a fascinating juxtaposition – the chaos and the calm.

Darrow Necklace – £250


A specially curated selection of independent contemporary jewellery designers

Established in 2009, lovedazzle was created as an online version of Dazzle, the internationally renowned contemporary jewellery exhibition. Offering you the chance to shop for the best contemporary jewellery all year round.

Independent designers chosen for their unique and contemporary style, lovedazzle offers you the opportunity to buy beautifully crafted pieces made specially for you, or to give as an original gift.

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