Sue Gregor: Jeweller of the Month

Sue designs and makes a range of acrylic jewellery using a process she developed herself, called ‘Fossilized Plastic'. With this process of dying and embossing plastic Sue is able to capture the fine details of leaves and plants creating a fossil like surface. This is transformed in to bold, colourful jewellery full of rich patterns.


Each of Debbie's pieces are individually hammered, folded and forged in to spirals and curves. Read on to find out a bit more about Debbie and her jewellery... Describe your work in 3 words Simple, eternal, powerful. What inspires you?…

Featured Jeweller of the Month: Jessica Briggs

Jessica uses a combination of patterned and textured silver, fusing it with gold whilst often adding depth through part oxidation. Her designs are translated into elegant pieces with subtle textures and complex layered finishes. Find out a bit more about Jessica and her work in this months Q&A.

June Featured Jeweller of the Month: Jenny Llewellyn

Our featured maker of the month kicks off with the new member of our lovedazzle team, Jenny Llewellyn. Jenny makes colourful jewellery using silicone and precious metals. Describe your jewellery in 3 words: Fun, vibrant, tactile What Inspires you? Colour!…